I remember a couple of times during my childhood when I had dreams about finding coins all over the ground, and I couldn’t get hold of all, of course. Carl Jung interprets the basic dream symbolism as surprise and a few other meanings that could be related.

But not a dream surprise was the one experienced while strolling down-town Basel, in Switzerland. The town, historically founded by the Romans as Augusta Raurica in 44 BC, transient home for humanists, scientists, philosophers, or reformists, like Erasmus, Paracelsus, Friedrich Nietzsche, or John Calvin, and birthplace of the foremost tennis player in history, Roger, showed me magnificent views of its cathedral, Muensterplatz, Marktplatz, and of the river Rhein over the Rheinbruecke, and exhausted my artistic senses in the Kunstmuseum, the Beyeler Foundation, Tinguely Museum, and the Swiss Architecture Museum, to the extent that I was obliged to look for refuge in a central coffee shop.

I chose the Unternehmen Mitte, once a banking building and today a playground for “work, culture and good coffee.” Upon trespassing its entry hallway my sight connected to my childhood dream while discovering a three metres diametre pile of coins. My mind confronted the reality and my dream aroused egoist feelings. I rubbed my eyes and gazed around the pile to comprehend the reaction of customers sitting on the tables. But they all seem to mind their conversations, smart-phones, and laptops, disregarding such an enormous amount of money laying on the ground.

Ideas flew across my mind, most of them with a high component of self-serving. Then, I turned around and fled the scene, hoping to encounter a similar one in the street, where I could take all the coins I wanted (or I could) without nobody recriminating me for it. Cause in the end I was in Switzerland, the moneyland!


*Find out here what those coins were meant for.


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2 Responses to Moneyland

  1. M.K. says:

    So, Enno Schmidt nearly managed to bring your childhood dreams true!
    Childhood dreams are sometimes realized but with slight delay and may be with the broader meaning than we could have imagined 🙂

    Actually, your brief description of Basel can inspire traveler for visiting and exploring the city.
    Nice one again!

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